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Got some questions? We’re here to help. From signing up to choosing your contest, we’ve listed our most commonly asked questions below. Still need help? Get in touch with our friendly team.

The Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help. Read our frequently asked questions below to find the answer to yours. If you still need help, contact our team using the contact link in the website footer.

Duel offers competitive e-sports contests for its users. It brings together gamers who want to play each other on their Xbox One, PS4 or PC in their chosen game for prize money, in head to head contests and larger tournaments.

Signing up is simple. All you need to do is create an account, make a deposit (minimum £10) and choose your favourite game to begin playing. 

Remember that you have to be 18 or over and living in the UK to play on Duel and that you will need a valid debit card too. 

We’ve designed Duel to be as simple as possible. That’s why it’s so easy to get started. Once you have created an account:

choose your favourite game that you want to compete in

decide how much you are willing to wager on winning (minimum of £1)

choose your game mode (Duel, Matchmaking or Tournament - more on this below)

follow the onscreen instructions which will walk you through how to add your opponent as a friend on your PS4, Xbox One or PC and invite them to your party for the match

Review the rules of the game shown on screen and confirm you accept the challenge

Play to win!

Report who won via the on-screen prompts. Winnings (either the tournament prize, or the total amount wagered by both parties in Duel and Matchmaking, less the Duel commission of 10%) are credited to the winner’s account.

A Duel is where you have identified who you want to compete with in a head to head contest from the list of logged on users, and you challenge them directly, specifying the amount you want to wage and, of course, the game.

Matchmaking is where you know which game you want to play, and how much you want to wage, but you are happy for Duel to play matchmaker and automatically set up the match with a like minded gamer of similar skill, determined by reference to their Duelscore.

Tournaments are available for all Duel gamers to enter. They typically involve a higher number of entrants and an organised series of play offs involving no more than 3 matches with the winner taking all. The prize money (directly attributable to the entrance fee) is bigger compared to that entrance fee, but then you have to beat more gamers to win.

Tournaments are available for all Duel Gamers to enter. They typically involve a higher number of entrants and an organised series of playoffs usually involving no more than 4 matches, and often less, with the winner taking all. The prize money (directly attributable to the entrance fee and number of entrants) is bigger compared to that entrance fee, but then you have to beat more gamers to win.

Each tournament has a start time as shown against each tournament available (shown on the ‘Tournaments’ page) which you click on to enter. It’s important you are available to play in the tournament at that time, and are logged in to Duel Gaming.

You will receive a notification of when your first round tournament match is ready to join by way of a screen pop up, which is normally the indicated start time. 

When you click on ‘join’ (shown in the notification) you will be taken through to the match screens. You follow the onscreen instructions and then play your match - have a good game!

If you don’t receive a notification to join a match, take a look at all of your notifications by clicking on the little alarm bell icon at the top of the screen, as you may well have received a ‘bye’ through to the next round!

Also, if you ever think you might have missed a notification to join a match, just click on the alarm bell icon and you will always find all of your notifications there.

Once you have finished your match, you will be invited to ‘view brackets’ where you can see your progress in the tournament, and who your next round match is against assuming you won (and if not, don’t worry, there’s always another tournament to play in).

Again, you will be notified when that next match is ready to start - basically, once enough time has elapsed to allow all matches in that round to be finished. The above process is repeated (there are no more than 4 matches to play, and sometimes less where byes are given) until the winner is decided. 

Now, no-one likes to be rushed, but if you are not available within a reasonable time of your tournament round match starting, then the match will be decided against you by an admin - otherwise it stops the tournament from ever being finished.

1st and 2nd place win the cash prize pot!

Duel requires players to declare who won via the onscreen prompts at the end of a match.

If there is a disagreement over the result, which in our experience is rare, then that is a dispute. 

This is a serious matter for us here at Duel, as we know that fair play is everything. We pledge to investigate to ensure that everything is as fair as possible and encourage you to collect evidence of your game (screen shots and video in particular) which can be uploaded to the Duel team in the unlikely event of a dispute.

If you do have any problems, contact our team to discuss the situation. We have a formal complaints process which you can escalate a matter to if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your dispute.

No, you can only have one Duel account. This is to ensure that playing is completely fair for everyone. 

Remember that your Xbox Live Gamertag, PlayStation Network Username, or PC account will only work with one Duel account.

Provided the match hasn’t started and you can get your connection back up and running in a reasonable time then that’s fine.

If however, the match has started, and you become disconnected, you forfeit the game and the winnings go to your opponent. As such, it’s really important you are confident in the robustness of your connection prior to gaming.

We look to feature the best and most competitive games out there. At the moment, we’ve got Fortnite, Apex Legends, FIFA and League of Legends on the game line-up.

However, we regularly update our line-up to ensure we’re giving you the best experience possible. Follow us on social media to find out about our latest releases, and let us know what games you want to see - we’re giving some thought to trying some different and less obvious titles if they have sufficient following amongst the Duel user base.

No, signing up to Duel is completely free. That means it doesn’t cost anything to create an account and there won’t be any hidden monthly charges either.

Remember that we do charge a small fee if you win your game. This is called a match fee and equates to 10% of your overall winnings, and is how Duel makes money and keeps going.

Also, whilst there is no charge for depositing money in your account, there is a charge when you withdraw money. There is a fixed fee of £3 for each withdrawal plus 2.5% of the amount you take out. Duel does not make money on this - it is to cover the charges made to Duel by the card companies every time you make a transaction.

We don’t have many rules here at Duel, but there are a couple to bear in mind. Firstly, you need to be 18 or over to play matches and place wagers.

You also need to stick to the rules of the game, which are set out before you begin playing a match.

The concept is simple. Once you’re ready to play, you’ll place your wager or entry fee before the game begins (deducted from the funds in your Duel account). Once the rules are agreed, it’s time to face off against your opponents. If you win, you’ll take home the cash prize, less the Duel commission, which is credited to your account and ready to withdraw when you are ready.

As an example, if both you and your opponent agree to wager £1, the winner will get £2 less 20p Duel match fee (so £1.80).

The rules, which are clearly displayed prior to confirming acceptance of a challenge, are in place to ensure that everyone has a fun gaming experience and that the winnings are distributed fairly. 

If the rules aren’t followed, it means that you (or your opponent) will forfeit their winnings. If you have any problems, contact our team so that we can resolve the situation.

Yes, playing on Duel is completely legal, but remember you must be over 18 years old.

Whilst we don’t consider playing video games is gambling and would bet (pun intended…) on the majority of e-sports fans agreeing with us, Duel Gaming is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

This is something we are proud of. Duel is here to provide an extra financial dimension for gamers, and ultimately turn their pastime into a professional pursuit if they want to take it to that level. 

Duel is also, ultimately, a trusted intermediary, looking after the money you have wagered and making sure it goes to the victor in a fair match, and so trust and transparency are critical to Duel and its gamers’ success.

Above all, though, we want gamers to have fun. The Gambling Commission’s license conditions provide a world class framework for protecting customers where money is involved in gaming, and you will see a number of features and available settings in your account to help you manage things.

Yes, our website is completely secure. We take the privacy of your details and your money deposited with Duel very seriously, which is why we have partnered with a card payment service provider that it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You can read our privacy policy and terms and conditions for more detail about how we keep your information safe.

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