How It Works

It’s simple. Create your account today to compete in some of the best games in the world. Pick your favourite and find your next opponent. Set your wager and play to win. If you beat your opponent, you’ll take home the cash winnings. Challenge accepted.

1. Sign UP

Ready to Duel? Sign up today to prove your gaming skills. Whether you choose Fortnite or FIFA, challenge your opponent and win to take home the cash.

2. Select a Game

Whether you’re a master at stealing kills in Fortnite or want to claim victory in Apex Legends, we’ve got contests in the most competitive games in the world ready for you to play. Sign up today to access e-sports in your favourites.

League Of Legends

This fast-paced game is one of the most popular in the world. Test your skills with the world’s largest gaming community and claim victory to win prizes.


Fast-paced, action-packed and competitive, Fortnite is the ultimate online survival game. Play against your opponents, show off your tactical skills to be the last one standing and win cash prizes.


The legendary football simulator game FIFA was introduced over 20 years ago and continues to be the biggest gaming franchise on the planet. Play this club football game in Duel contests and win to take home the prize.


Play for fame, glory and fortune on the Frontier in this Battle Royale game. Show them what you’re made of and beat your opponents to win cash prizes.

3. Challenge An Opponent

Ready to prove your skills? Create your account to access contests in your favourite games. Find a worthy opponent to set your wager. Play to win, because the winner gets to take the cash prize.

4. Beat your opponents and win Cash Prizes

It’s time to take your gaming to the next level. Challenge your opponent to show them who’s the best. The winner takes all. 

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